Welcome To PeakInsights

We are passionate and committed to facilitating businesses to succeed.

We are an ambitious business offering best in class advisory services with the primary objective of enabling African businesses to succeed. At Peak Insights we acknowledge the role entrepreneurs play in the development and advancement of the African continent; it is for this reason that we have built a robust business with leading knowledge and expertise to enable them succeed by deploying our business expertise acquired over years of extensive hands on experience. Our consultants have given wings to African businesses to succeed in several sectors of the economy


Our Work

We pride ourselves as an African consulting house offering wholesale advisory solutions to businesses; we enable businesses to succeed by building and developing the potential of business people. We build businesses that transcend human capability, freeing entrepreneurs to live their dreams.

Our business is divided into 4 business units covering our areas of expertise from our experienced consultants

project management

What Drives Us


By striving for excellence and integrity, we aim to deliver the highest quality performance in all our services. We always seek to continuously improve our results by being creative and innovative; at Peak Insights we believe that good isn’t good enough; being good at something is a starting point, not an endpoint.

All this is possible by encouraging innovation in all our investments and by being self-critical and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement. We demonstrate integrity and honesty by being consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We always will fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our ideals. At Peak Insights, excellence and integrity is critical to our continued success.


We are committed to lead by example and inspire leadership through our actions and results. At Peak Insights we take full responsibility for developing the potential of our employees as well as business people. We build businesses that extend human capability, freeing people to live their dreams and helping them achieve more than they could alone. We are responsible for our commitments and quality to our customers, shareholders, and employees.

Similarly, we expect individual commitment and performance above the standard and always raising the bar in all we do. Since we believe that our employees determine the strength and character of PeakInsights, each employee can and must make a positive difference in our customers’ businesses. We will lead the way in making this world a better place by being an economic, intellectual and social asset in the communities where we do business


Being open and respectful with others is our golden rule because we believe that teamwork is essential to our business success. Our business is built on the innovation of our employees who accept the risks inherent in following our vision, and work hard to actualize that dream. Because of our diversity we set aggressive goals and drive ourselves hard to achieve them, continuously raising the bar. We respect each other’s contribution and we believe that our business will enrich our employees as well as businesses.

At PeakInsights we recognize each person’s contribution to our business success and share the financial rewards that flow from high performance; creating an atmosphere where each employee can share the adventure and excitement of working with us

 To find out more about our services across Africa please give us a call +254 736 105920